VG Machines

VG machines develop, build and sell machines for sanding, brushing, aging and finishing of wood, plastic and composite materials. In metal department, VG build deburring finishing and edge rounding machines and provide wide range of solutions.

VG wants to make machines that achievea constant, high-quality finish on wood at an acceptable cost. A machine that is also easy to integrate in wood or composite processing company. VG wishes to serve the market optimally with high-quality sanding, brushing and aging machines with which customer can create added value.

SEE and VG Machines

Southern Engineering Equipment is the UK dealer for the Belgium based machine tool manufacturer. We offer complete range of VG machines like deburring machines, grinding machines, finishing machines and more. Hereis the list of VG machines.

For any information about the machine or any other enquiry call us on 01202 830844

Available VG Machines

Disc arm grinder 2.0 for deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal and slag removal (VG machines)

Disc Arm Grinder 2.0

TS 1060-1330

TS 1060 -1330





Turbogrinder Classic 650 – Classic 300

A300 series

TBO series

LS series

ST series

Mistral Aqua dust extractor